Deep Space Nine Documentary in Ireland

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary ‘What We Left Behind’ is coming to cinemas across Ireland, for one day only, on June 26th. This is mainly down to all of you who let us know where in Ireland you would go to see it, so thank you!

We have a new competition! You can win some headshots signed by Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax), René Auberjonois, and Chase Masterson (Leeta)!

To enter, purchase your DS9 Documentary tickets, and let us know which cinema you are going to by commenting on the Ireland image on Twitter or Facebook (comment on both to double your chances!). Rtwt / Share too! We have a set of 3 headshots for each cinema!!

We have seen ‘What We Left Behind’ already and we think you will really love it! Let CBS know there is still a lot of love for Deep Space Nine by going to see it on the Big Screen! Who knows what the future holds? A DS9 movie or mini series, or DS9 in HD? Maybe we can make it happen! Spread the word! Bring a friend! Share it on social media!

Good luck!

Click on the Latinum below to find tickets to your preferred cinema.

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Irish Screenings of 'What We Left Behind' Deep Space Nine Documentary