Locutus On The Liffey

We had a great night last night at our second event with a full venue.  Find out all about it here. We played TNG “The Best Of Both Worlds” back to back with “Star Trek First Contact”. We also had a video conference with none other than make up artist/Art Department/SFX Designer Doug Drexler. We finished the night raffling off some neat Star Trek swag.

Thank you to everyone who came and took part. A fun Star Trek night was had by all.

Live Long and Prosper


All our Raffle winners with their swag at our Star Trek Event “Locutus On The Liffey”

Posted by Star Trek Eire on Friday, November 27, 2015


Poster for Star Trek 2017?

Over the last few hours the internet has been rife with fans getting excited, angry and confused by an imgur post of a poster titled “Star Trek: Prime”. This 80’s looking Sci-Fi poster is most definitely a fan made image that has no connection to CBS or their TV news site TV.COM

Although “Star Trek: Prime” would be a great title and hints at the new series coming in early 2017 being set in the much loved original canon prime timeline. A timeline with nearly 50 years of history and characters that was last touched in “Star Trek Voyager”. One could argue that Star Trek Enterprise although being in the past played with some time travel and some slightly strayed away from canon.

What we here at Star Trek Eire would love to see is a series set in the Prime universe,  at any point in the timeline. For CBS to ignore the TV fans would be a shame and honestly a big mistake.

I see three possibilities for the 2017 series.

  1. It’s set in the Prime universe some time after Voyager or before The Next Generation, maybe even between Enterprise and TOS.
  2. It’s set in the JJ Abrams time line, perhaps another ship set in the white washed lens flare Starfleet. This seems the least likely to me as Alex Kurtzman and CBS have hinted that it will have nothing to do with the films.
  3. A whole new reboot universe. Of all the options this is unfortunately the most likely. We’ll get a new vision of Stat Trek with whole new characters, crew and ship. It will be it’s own third timeline made specifically to attract new audiences.

Personally I am in favour of the Prime universe coming back in any capacity. Although any series no matter what version it ends up being must be Star Trek in heart and tone. It has to hold a mirror up to society, comment on humanity and hope and most importantly be about people, not explosions in space.

What do you want to see from the new series in 2017?


Locutus on the Liffey

To help us introduce our event this Thursday, we will have a guest joining us live via-internet.

This guest is a guy who became a huge Star Trek fan, watching the Original Series before running a small Star Trek store in New York – “The Federation Trading Post” – during the mid ‘70s. He began to write for Star Trek fan magazines in this period before heading into the world of movies, where he worked as a makeup artist on flicks like ‘Amityville-3D’, ‘Starman’, ‘CHUD’, and ‘Manhunter’.

He then moved to Hollywood to run the makeup FX department for Warren Beatty’s Dick Tracy, for which he received an Oscar and a Bafta in 1991. It was then that he took a huge pay cut to get his dream job of working on Star Trek: TNG in 1989, thusly being nominated for a number of Emmys. Transferring to the Art Department, he then worked on Deep Space Nine, as well as the movies Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis.

He worked as a Visual Effects Artist for Foundation Imaging, whereupon he became Senior Illustrator on Star Trek: Enterprise, designing the Enterprise NX-01! He has worked on several books, including the Star Trek Encyclopedia and Ships of the Line, and was a technical consultant for the remastered Original Series and Next Generation. He is currently a CGI Supervisor on Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection and you may even have seen him in the past, as he’s had cameo roles on both Star Trek: TNG and Star Trek: Enterprise. A Klingon called ‘Drex’ was even named after him in ‘Way of the Warrior’.

Locutus on the Liffeyd

Ladies and Gentlemen, our live introduction on Thursday is with Oscar winner and all round Trek legend, Doug Drexler.


Locutus On The Liffey

Showcasing Star Trek The Next Generation two part special “The Best Of Both Worlds”

back to back with

“Star Trek: First Contact”

The Workmans Club 10 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

In the Vintage lounge

Doors at 6.30pm Must start at 7pm

Special Live Introduction

Limited space. Free Entry. Over 18s Only.

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