Salem Voyage


Captain’s Log Supplemental. We’re low on coffee. Sensors show large amounts on a class M type planet. In my eagerness to get here I’ve crashed Voyager into a lake close to our sensor readings.   I really need a cuppa.


Tuvok: Captain, my readings say our location bares an uncanny resemblance to  Salem in the 17th century. Janeway: I don’t give a shit, get me my coffee.


Mary: ‘Coffee’ you say? You’ll find none here Catherine, I can assure you. Cotton: That sounds like a devil’s broth.



Janeway: I’ll waste this town from orbit Mary, you toad loving witch. Get me my coffee now! Mary: I suggest you leave, while you still can Captain.


‘Captain, it’s the Doctor. You’ll have to cut your dinner short and come get me, I’m in a bit of a predicament. Atleast they can’t hu.. Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!’ Janeway: Quit your whining Doctor, I’m busy!


That witch bitch!!!!


Chakotay: Captain! We’ve found the coffee! It’s a bit thick.  Don’t worry though, we’re sorting it.  Captain: Back to the ship!!!!


Janeway: B’elanna, remove the Doctor’s scarring, but leave the toad for a few days. Oh, and get me my damn coffee!

This is meant to be a bit of fun, I hope someone finds it funny!  It’s out of respect for the awesome Brannon Braga, producer of many Star Trek incarnations, and currently Salem. In particular, thank you Brannon for helping to create the wonderful Star Trek universe, we are forever in your debt. PS. I fucking love Enterprise!



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