Rick Sternbach’s Top 10 Sizzlers

To celebrate Rick Sternbach’s birthday (july 6th) I thought I’d run through my favourite
Star Trek designs designed by Rick. It’s quite gob-smacking how much of an influence one person has had on how the Star Trek universe looks.


What makes Star Trek so wonderful is the dedication from so many people coming at different angles to weave the tapestry together. It’s easy to celebrate all the wonderful actors that have played such iconic parts in Star Trek, but unfortunately those behind the scenes don’t get as much plaudits. I remember attending the Destination Star Trek convention in London in 2012 and the attention the actors got compared to the writers was obvious. I must admit, I was Rick_Sternbachone of those who didn’t allocate enough time to Ronald D. Moore, Brannon Braga and Ira Steven Behr. In my defense it’s hard to cram everything in! I have felt guilty about that and look forward to paying them the respect they deserve in the future.

Since then my eyes have been opened to a lot more of the ‘chefs’ involved in making my favourite ‘meal’! Social media has certainly helped. Being able to interact with the creators of the show via Twitter and Facebook has been humbling.  In particular the virtual arms that Doug Drexler has held wide open has fueled my love of Star Trek (Thanks Doug!).  Also, if you haven’t watched the extras on the TNG blu-rays, well stop reading right now and go buy them! 🙂 Robert Meyer Burnett brings all the main players in each facet of the show together that will give you such an insight into how much love and dedication goes on behind the scenes to make Star Trek so endearing.

Well, on this occasion, let’s celebrate Rick Sternbach.  His contribution has had such an effect on how Star Trek has looked on screen over the years.  He started out as an illustrator on Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  He won an Emmy for his work on Carl Sagan’s original Cosmos series! Rick was also an Illustrator on the cult classic ‘The Last Starfighter’. His influence on the Star Trek universe really began with The Next Generation, and ran through Deep Space Nine and Voyager.  He helped define the look of the 24th century.  You will find my top 10 Rick Sternbach Star Trek ship designs below! Phasers, tricorders and PADDs were also based on his designs!

Check Rick out on Facebook at www.facebook.com/rick.sternbach and on Twitter at @ricksternbach (he also has an old website at www.ricksternbach.com)


In at #10 in #Sternbach‘s Sizzlers is the #Equinox #StarTrek #Voyager #Nova


In at #9 in our top 10 #Sternbach‘s Sizzlers is the Romulan Scout Ship from #TNG episode #TheDefector!


In at #8 in our top 10 #Sternbach‘s Sizzlers is Picard’s old ship the #Stargazer from #TNGepisode #TheBattle!


In at #7 in our top 10 #Sternbach‘s Sizzlers is the Klingon Vor’cha class Attack Cruiser first seen in#TNG #Reunion #StarTrek


In at #6 in our top 10 #Sternbach‘s Sizzlers is the Cardassian Galor class Cruiser first seen in #TNG#TheWounded #StarTrek. Ah, I loved Colm Meaney singing ‘The Minstrel Boy’!


My 5th favourite ship design of Rick Sternbach’s is the #Enterprise-C from #YesterdaysEnterprise #TNG #TheWounded


My 4th favourite ship design of @RickSternbach’s is Tom Paris’s baby the #DeltaFlyer #Voyager #ExtremeRisk #StarTrek


My 3rd fav ship design of @RickSternbach’s is the USS #Voyager! #StarTrek the model was estimated at $15,000, but went for $132,000 at #Christies auction!


My 2nd favourite of @RickSternbach’s wonderful designs is the #Runabout #StarTrek #Danube.


Deep Space Nine has to be Rick Sternbach’s best design! (I know it’s not a ship but I didn’t want to give anything away!) Thanks for all your wonderful work Rick!

By Ronan Healy for Star Trek Eire.
Email Ronan@StarTrekEIRE.Com


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