An Evening with Terry Farrell

You are cordially invited to An Evening with Terry Farrell in Dublin, Ireland on March 25th 2017!
Tickets will be on sale in the coming days. Please register your interest by emailing us at to be among the first to be able purchase tickets. Some very limited VIP tickets will be made available. More news to follow soon.
Would you like to see more Star Trek stars in Ireland? Please tell all your friends who may be interested so we can make this a memorable event for Terry!
We’re a not-for-profit Star Trek group just trying to share our love of Star Trek with other people in Ireland, and beyond.
Thank you,

Oscar Winner & Visual Effects Artist Doug Drexler Interview – Part 2

Part 2 of our interview with Oscar Winner and Star Trek Visual Effects Artist Doug Drexler is now online. I’m sure you can tell from the video how much fun this was! I’m sure Doug’s trumpet is worn out by now! He is such a great guy.

During Part 2 we discuss the recent JJ Abrams Star Trek movies, Doug’s design of the Enterprise NX01 from ‘Star Trek Enterprise’, Battlestar Gallactica, Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas, the cancellation of ‘Star Trek Enterprise’, and even Doug’s memorable moment carrying an Oscar through airport security!

Part 1 can be found here.


Poor Ensign Harry Kim


Ensign Harry Kim and Lieutenant Nog

So one day,  Ensign Harry Kim of Voyager is in Quark’s bar on Deep Space 9. Somewhere aboard that station, a little Ferengi kid called Nog- who has nothing to do with Starfleet -is running around, generally making a nuisance of himself.

Within 5 years of that day, Nog will outrank Harry in Starfleet as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, with Harry still being an Ensign (on a ship where even people who abandoned and fought against Starfleet for a paramilitary organisation are promoted above him).

Sucks to be Harry Kim, huh.