Gene Roddenberry Anniversary

On October 24th 1991 the creator of Star Trek, the Great Bird of the Galaxy Gene Roddenberry left us.  It’s hard to imagine a world without Star Trek.  Although it’s obviously a fictional show, the impact it has had on so many lives is very real.

I remember where I was when I heard the news.  Astronomy Ireland had organised a weekend trip to Birr, Co. Offaly to visit the, at one time, the biggest telescope in the world, as well as have a space shuttle simulation and do some stargazing.


I believe it was the Friday night when we were stargazing that I heard Gene had passed the day before.  I’ll be honest, it didn’t affect me much at the time.  I was 14 and was more interested in trying to distinguish the differences between two, almost identical, blonde twin sisters, who both liked astronomy. It wasn’t until several years after that night that I began to appreciate how important Gene Roddenberry has been to my life.

I don’t think I would have been at that astronomy weekend if it wasn’t for Star Trek. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t gone on to become one of the many famous Star Trek fans who became an astronaut (Chris Hadfield) or a world renowned scientist (Stephen Hawking). I haven’t invented anything that could be easily described with some of Star Trek’s get-out-of-jail-free technobabble! I’m just a nameless redshirt who has survived with a Star Trek Encyclopedia in my breast pocket. But what do I share with Hadfield, Hawking, Asimov, Bill Gates or Bill Nye?: I LOVE Star Trek. It is part of me, entwined into my being like a tapestry (and I don’t want Q to allow me to change it either!). I believe Star Trek has inspired my healthy amateur love of astronomy but the main reason I am so grateful to Star Trek and it’s creator Gene Roddenberry, is the moral GPS system that it uploaded to my brain! The teenage years are so important in molding a person so I was very lucky to be guided by my parents, but with very special backup from Spock and Picard. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, if the A-Team are just too busy, don’t worry. Just ask yourself ‘what would Picard do?’.

Thank you Gene for bringing those fresh Star Trek snowflakes together and molding them in your hands 50 years ago.  That snowball has became a colossal boulder, as it continues to grow and touch so many as it roles into the future.

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Gene Roddenberry, with Majel-Barrett Roddenberry and a young Rod Roddenberry. Photo: Alan Berliner Studio.


Director Robert Wise, Gene, Shatner, Kelley,  Nimoy on TPM set. Photo: copyright Paramount Pics 1979


Gene and Marina Sirtis. Photo: Eddie Berganza.


Gene Roddenberry with Star Trek Producers Bob Justman, Rick Berman and the TNG Crew. Photo: Paramount Pics.



Happy 28th Birthday Star Trek TNG

On September 28, 1987, Star Trek History was made as “Encounter at Farpoint” hit our screens showcasing the pilot of Star Trek The Next Generation. The beginning of what would start off a huge collection of spin offs and films. It had been many years since Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise had appeared on television and now with a new ship and a new crew Star Trek grew into so much more. From a cancelled 60’s Sci Fi show to an award winning drama, TNG launched Star Trek back into the mainstream and created a whole new generation of fans.

Star Trek TNG

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Star Trek Celebrates It’s 49th Birthday

On September 8th 1966 Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek released it’s first episode “The Man Trap” Starring William Shatner as Captain James T Kirk, Leonard Nemoy as Mr Spock, DeForrest Kelly as Dr. McCoy, George Takei as Sulu and Nichelle Nichols as Uhura.


The Man Trap: “Dr. McCoy discovers his old flame is not what she seems after crew members begin dying from a sudden lack of salt in their bodies.”

Start Trek 49

This was in fact the second Pilot for the series after “The Cage” was shown to NBC in February of 1965 with Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike leading the USS Enterprise. However it was September 8th 1966 that lunched the series to the public.

Key cast members like James Doohan’s Scotty only appeared in voice not appearing on screen until the next episode. Walter Koenig‘s neclear wessel loving Chekov didn’t appear until Season 2, Epsidoe 1 “Amok Time”. Brought in to attract a younger audience to the show and give girls a Davy Jones type love interest.

So to say Happy Birthday we leave you with a great little number from Captain Picard