Star Trek Beyond’s New Release Date July 22nd 2016


Star Trek Beyond New Release Date

We’re all intrigued to see the next instalment of the Star Trek reboot films. Star Trek Beyond will be the first in the series not to be directed by JJ Abrams, but instead is being taken on by Fast and Furious alumni Director and Producer Justin Lin. It’s going to be different and Simon Pegg (Scotty) is heavily involved in the writing too. We’re a little concerned that once again a director with heavy Producer credits and action film experience is involved. Lin also has very little experience with SciFi so it could go horribly wrong. But with self proclaimed geek and fan Pegg behind the project it could end up the best Star Trek film of the reboot. At this point it’s just too early to tell. What we do know is that there will be less lens flares and more of a Star Trek feel to what will still be a big budget SciFi adventure.

News broke this week about the shifting release date of the film’s delayed 2016 release by a few weeks. Instead of being released on July 8th it’s now going to be July 22nd.

The reason is very simple, Summer is the time of big blockbusters, for them all to succeed they need to be spaced out a bit, to share room at the box office.

Since STAR TREK BEYOND is still in production in Vancouver and then going to Dubai in the coming weeks, the move is more likely due to logistical issues rather than any “problems” with the film.

Another reason could simply be the logistics with having freed up IMax theaters as pointed out by Anthony D’Alessandro -Deadline that Tarzan is going to be a huge film and will be most likely sitting at the top spot in early July leaving little room for Star Trek Beyond 7 days later.

Late July proved quite fruitful for the Melrose Ave. studio this year when they launched Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation on July 31, clocking a FSS of $55.5M and a total cume to date of $189.2M.

The reason why M:I5 played late July, versus its original December 2015 date, was to take advantage of those Imax venues that were open, and that’s the same reason why Par is taking the Enterprise out on the late July date.

Apparently, Warner Bros.’ Tarzan has roped up all the Imax hubs on July 1, leaving none for Captain Kirk and Spock. Seven weeks into its play, M:I5 is still hanging around the top 5.

As to how good the film will be. Well We’ll just have to wait an extra 2 weeks and see.


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