Star Trek Eire Reacts to Beyond Trailer

With many reactions coming from people like Simon Peg and even Director Justin Lin himself to the Star Trek Beyond Trailer, our very own Shane, Ciaran and Gary watch and react to the Trailer themselves.

Recorded in Cineworld Cinema in Dublin straight after seeing JJ Abrams Star Wars The Force Awakens, the guys couldn’t help but sit down and talk about how he has effected Sat Trek.
They dive into their wishes for the future of Star Trek and how JJ Abrams has changed Star Trek and Star Wars potentially forever.

Caution contains mild SPOILERS for Star Wars The Force Awakens.

We also recorded a full 50 minutes of audio and took over Geek Ireland’s Podcast Speakin’Geek for one episode where we expand and continue the conversation into our hopes for the new Star Trek 2017 tv show.
You can also hear the full podcast  on iTunes here Speakin Geek iTunes

or on Podbean here

thumbnaillogoWe’re all about Star Trek, ahem…



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