Welcome to Star Trek Éire!

Star Trek Éire is a Star Trek group based in Ireland. Our aim is to bring the universe of Star Trek to new and old fans through events, screenings, our website, Facebook page and Twitter account.

Star Trek Eire is a not for profit group of Star Trek fans based in Ireland. We hope to meet other enthusiasts and revel in the greatness of the TV franchise from the original 1966 series all the way up to the current films. If you’re a diehard fan or someone who’s just seen the latest films and wants to know more, we’re the group for you. We’ll be posting and sharing news about all things Star Trek.

If you’re going with us to the Premiere of #StarTrekBeyond in the Savoy Dublin on July20th, please send your photos etc. to us at info@startrekireland.com or to Facebook or Twitter!

Come with us on a journey of fun, discovery and friendship.


Ciarán, Gary, Ronan, & Shane.



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